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FR-A800 series
Inverter - FREQROL
What is required of inverters in this constantly changing world?

At Mitsubishi, we have pursued the answer to this question through constant innovation and evolution. Introducing our extensive range of high-value, next-generation inverters delivering outstanding drive performance in any environment, and a wealth of functionality covering startup to maintenance. We utilized the traditional Mitsubishi philosophy to further perfect our inverters.


The FR-A800 Series variable frequency drive is Mitsubishi Electric’s most advanced and capable VFD solution. Whether your needs call for a simple component style solution or large capacity motor control centers, the FR-A800 is designed to be flexible and offers a wealth of embedded functionality to simplify your application and implementation. Ideal for many simple tasks like fan and pump control, the FR-A800 also excels in performing more complex and demanding applications like multi-axis coordinated motion, load sharing conveyors, and gantry hoisting systems. Similar to other inverter products manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, the 800 Series continues the tradition of maintenance free operation and long lasting service life. Mitsubishi Electric VFDs are world renowned for their high level of performance, efficiency and outstanding reliability – start using solutions that give you the competitive edge.

Key Benefits

  • High speed processing and response to control larger, more complex systems with better precision and accuracy
  • Hardware architecture that will mitigate radical torque demands with up to 200% overload protection
  • Comprehensive control algorithms including Real Sensorless Vector (RSV) control for unmatched control across a wider speed range
  • Superior AC motor control technology for both standard induction motors and interior permanent magnet motors (IPM)
  • Built-in functionality for flexibility
  • Applies across a broad range of applications to simplify specifications and inventory
  • Eliminates the need to specify additional products and reduce system costs
  • Capacity ranging from ½ to 1,500 horsepower provides flexibility to address the changing needs of both machine builders and facility installations

  • Drives For Every Industry

    High response speed

    Real sensorless vector control 50 Hz*1 [A700:20 Hz]
    Vector control 130 Hz*2 [A700:50 Hz]

    *1 : At 3.7 kW with no load. Differs depending on the load conditions and motor capacity.
    *2 : The option (FR-A8AP, FR-A8AL, or FR-A8TP) is required.
    Speed response: The speed response indicates how fast the inverter follows the change in the speed command. (The larger value indicates the better speed trackability.)

    <Line control>

    Line control is necessary for the machining of elongated products such as paper, thread, wires, all kinds of sheet, and tape. This will respond rapidly to changes in line speed and suppress the occurrences of winding unevenness. This contributes to a steady supply of high-quality products.

    Perform ultra-fine processing

    Real sensorless vector control and vector control 400 Hz [A700:120Hz]
    V/F control 590 Hz*3 [A700: 400 Hz]

    *3 : According to the review result of the export control order about frequency changers, the upper limit of output frequency was determined to be 590 Hz for standard models.

    <Machine tool>

    Cutting-edge machine tools are harder and thinner than ever before to be applicable to diverse new materials. High-speed rotation is required more than ever before in order to be applicable for fine and precise cutting on hard and difficult-to-grind materials.

    Swiftly move heavy weights-High torque at low speed

    [Starting torque (When at 0.3 Hz)]
    Real sensorless vector control 200% (ND rating)* 4, Vector control 200% (ND rating)* 4 (150% of initial setting for 5.5K and higher)

    [Zero-speed torque]
    Vector control 200%. (Select HD rating.)* 4

    [Speed control range]
    V/F control 1:10 (6 to 60 Hz: Driving)
    Advanced magnetic flux vector control 1:120 (0.5 to 60 Hz: Driving)
    Real sensorless vector control 1:200 (0.3 to 60 Hz: Driving)
    Vector control 1:1500 (1 to 1500 r/min: Both driving/regeneration)

    *4 : Please see the catalog for more details


    Cranes are in operation daily at ports carrying fully-laden containers in response to strong demand from all over the world. Our new inverter realizes smooth cargo handling work at low speed and high torque for the slow and stable movements required for heavy objects.

    Product Lineup

    Model Configuration

    Extensive lineup

     · Standard model

    Separated converter type

    Converter unit

    IP55 compatible model

    ·            *1 : Models can be alternatively indicated with the inverter rated current (SLD rating).
    (IP55 compatible models have LD and ND rating types only. However, the SLD rated current of standard models is used to represent the model.)

    ·            *2 : Specification differs by the type as follows.



    Monitor output

    Initial setting

    EMC filter

    Control logic


    Base frequency voltage

    (terminal FM equipped model)

    Terminal FM (pulse train output)
    Terminal AM (analog voltage output (0 to ±10 VDC))


    Sink logic

    60 Hz

    (same as the power supply voltage)

    (terminal CA equipped model)

    Terminal CA (analog current output (0 to 20 mADC))
    Terminal AM (analog voltage output (0 to ±10 VDC))


    Source logic

    50 Hz

    (95% of the power supply voltage)

    ·            *3 : Available for the 5.5K or higher.

    ·            *4 : For using the 75K or higher inverter and a 75 kW or higher motor, always install a DC reactor (FR-HEL), which is available as an option.

    ·            *5 : Always install the converter unit (FR-CC2). (Not required when a high power factor converter (FR-HC2) is used.)


    Compliance with EU EMC Directive with inverter alone

    Troublesome acquisition of standards is unnecessary.

     · The FR-A800 series is equipped with an EMC filter as standard for compliance with EMC Directive with the inverter alone. (EN 61800-3 2nd Environment Category C3)

     · The newly developed drive technology and the power supply technology minimize the EMI emitted from inverters.


    Capacitive filter
    (radio noise filter)

    Input-side common mode choke
    (line noise filter)

    DC reactor

    55K or lower

    Standard (built-in)

    Standard (built-in)

    Option (sold separately)

    75K or higher

    Standard (built-in)

    Option (sold separately)

    Option (sold separately)

    Global compatibility

    Compliance with a variety of standards

    Complies with UL, cUL, and EC Directives (CE marking), and the Radio Waves Act (South Korea) (KC marking). It is also certified as compliant with the Eurasian Conformity (EAC).

     · Being RoHS compliant, the FR-A800 series inverters are friendly to people and to the environment.

     · For the 400 V class*1, compliance with various countries ship classifications allows use on ship equipment. (A noise filter is required for the FR-A840 inverter and the FR-CC2 converter unit, and a ferrite core is required for the FR-A846 inverter. (Refer to page 175).)

    Certification body


    (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)


    (American Bureau of Shipping)


    (Bureau Veritas)


    (Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping)

    DNV GL

    (DNV GL AS)


    (China Classification Society)*2


    (Korean Register of Shipping)*2

    ·            *1 : The IP55 compatible model with a built-in C3 filter is not compliant with the ship classification standards.

    ·            *2 : The IP55 compatible model will be certified as compliant with the ship classification standards soon.

    Protected in hazardous environment

    Circuit board coating

    The inverters with PCB coating (IEC60721-3-3 3C2/3S2) and conductive plating are available for improved environmental resistance. ("-60" or "-06" is affixed to the end of the inverter model name.)


    Wire saving, space saving

    Built-in brake transistor 

    In addition to the 22K and lower, 400 V class 30 to 55K models have also been equipped with a built-in brake transistor. In an application where the motor is hardly decelerated, connecting a brake resistor can shorten the deceleration time; no brake unit or power regeneration converter is required. Wiring, space, and ultimately the cost will be all saved.


    Direct installation by the machine

    IP55 compatible 

    Inverters can be installed nearby the machine, minimizing cable length between the inverter and motor.

     · Support is available for use even in high-humidity or dusty environments, facilitating a more flexible choice of installation locations.

     · By enclosing a DC reactor, it requires less wiring and less space.

     · Compatible with cable glands to meet the IP55 specification at the wiring section.

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