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FR-F800 series
Inverter - FREQROL

We provide solutions to your energy saving needs, not to mention the leading drive performance such as its energy saving functions, low speed and high torque driving, the selectable multiple rating between two types, LD (light duty) and SLD (superlight duty) depending on the load of the fan/pump, and equipping the 24 VDC control power input as standard.


Streamlining the Startup Process

  Parameter copy with a USB memory device

A USB host connecter (A type), which allows external device connections, has been added.
Parameters can be copied to commercial USB memory devices.

  Easy setup with FR Configurator2

With the sense of unity with other Mitsubishi FA products with common MELSOFT design and operability, the software is easy to use.

 · Easy plug-and-play connection is available to the USB terminal equipped as standard.

A free trial version, which contains start-up functions, is available. It can be downloaded at Mitsubishi Electric FA Global Website.

  Easy wiring to the control circuit

Spring clamp terminals have been adopted for control circuit terminals.
Wires can be protected against loosening under vibrations during transportation of the inverter. Ten additional terminals are used as compared to the FR-F700(P) series.
Round crimping terminals can also be used by employing a control terminal option (FR-A8TR).

Energy Saving with Inverters

Offline auto tuning

The offline auto tuning function to measure circuit constants of the motor enables optimal operation of motors even when motor constants vary, when a motor of other manufacturers is used, or when the wiring distance is long.


Energy-Saving Functions Suitable for Various Systems

Standby power reduction

With the 24 VDC external power supply, the input MC signal can be turned OFF after the motor is stopped, and turned ON before activating the motor. The inverter enables self-power management to reduce standby power.


The inverter cooling fan can be controlled depending on the temperature of the inverter heatsink. Also, signals can be output in accordance with the inverter cooling fan operation. When the fan is installed on the enclosure, the enclosure fan can be synchronized with the inverter cooling fan. Extra power consumption when the motor is stopped can be reduced.

Energy saving at a glance

Energy saving monitor / Pulse train output of output power

 · Energy saving monitor is available. The energy saving effect can be checked using an operation panel, output terminal, or network.

 · The output power amount measured by the inverter can be output in pulses. The cumulative power amount can be easily checked.("12" (MM-EFS/MM-THE4) in the parameter [IPM]. Refer to page 116 for details.)

With the Mitsubishi energy measuring module, the energy saving effect can be displayed, measured, and collected.

Effective use of the regenerative energy (Option)


Multiple inverters can be connected to the power regeneration common converter (FR-CV) or the high power factor converter (FR-HC2) through a common PN bus. The regenerated energy is used by another inverter, and if there is still an excess, it is returned to the power supply, saving on the energy consumption.
The 355K or higher models are inverter-converter separated types, which are suitable for power regeneration.


Further Enhanced PID Control

System cost reduction

  PID multiple loops (two loops)

Two PID operation units are available in the inverter. The inverter can perform PID control of the motor operation and control the external equipment at the same time. The system cost can be reduced because no external PID controller is required for controlling the external equipment.

Direct setting of the PID set point

The PID set point can be set directly from the operation panel. The setting can be easily changed at hand.

  Visibility improvement (Option)

With the optional LCD operation panel (FR-LU08), the unit can be changed from "%" to other easy-to-see units.
Maintenance and adjustment is facilitated by using a familiar unit of air volume, temperature, etc. for indication.

Avoidance of rapid acceleration/deceleration using PID action

  PID pre-charge function

Before PID action, the water flow to the pipe is controlled by operating the motor at a constant speed until the measured value (pressure, etc.) reaches the set level. This function is used to avoid rapid acceleration/deceleration caused by starting the PID action while the pipe is empty, and prevent a water hammer action, etc.

Water volume control with multiple pumps

  Multi-pump function

By controlling the pumps connected in parallel (up to four pumps) by the PID control by one inverter, water volume, etc. can be adjusted.
One of the connected pumps is driven by the inverter. Other pumps are driven by commercial power supply. The number of pumps to be driven by commercial power supply is automatically adjusted according to the water volume.

Pump water volume control

  PID input pressure control

In order to prevent air intake and cavitation inside the pump, the pump inlet pressure can be controlled so that there is no water shortage.

Product Lineup

Standard model

Separated converter type

·            *1 : Models can be alternatively indicated with the inverter rated current (SLD rating).

*2 : Specification differs by the type as follows.

·            *3 : Available for the 7.5K or higher.

·            *4 : For the 75K or higher inverter, always connect a DC reactor (FR-HEL), which is available as an option.
Select a DC reactor according to the applied motor capacity.

·            *5 : Always install the converter unit (FR-CC2). (Not required when a high power factor converter (FR-HC2) is used)

Converter unit

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