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FR-E800 series
Inverter - FREQROL

Design future manufacturing

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing technologies have evolved over the years.
And now, this is the time for new revolution.A new era has started. 
Inverters are connected to the world.We design future manufacturing and what's ahead.

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Supporting various networks enable flexible system design.

Improving usability by supporting CC-Link IE TSN as standard

Real-time production data can be collected using efficient protocols, and multiple protocols are supported on the same network, which provides a smart connection solution with various devices.
• Non-FA devices that support SLMP and TCP/IP communication can also connect to the network. Inverters can connect to a variety of devices, enabling use with versatile devices.

Compatibility with global networks

FR-E800 inverters support a variety of open networks without using any options, enabling the use of inverters on the existing network and assuring compatibility with various systems. Users can select a protocol group suitable for the intended system. It is possible to switch between protocols only by setting parameters. (Supported protocols differ depending on the model.)br>

Supporting various topologies

Two Ethernet ports are provided as standard, enabling flexible connection in line topology without using a switching hub.(A compatible master module is required for ring topology.)Complex networks can be created just by connecting devices with a cable to a free port.The network can even accommodate changes in the specifications of devices.

Enabling construction of a small-scale synchronous system of inverters

Communication between multiple inverters is carried out through the I/O device and special register transmission of the PLC function (refer to page 16). A small-scale system can be created by connecting multiple inverters via Ethernet. (The FR-A800-E inverter or the FR-F800-E inverter can be mixed in the system.)

Simple configuration with less wiring using safety communication models

Safety communication models support Ethernet-based safety communication protocols certified as compliant with international standards. Safety products can be used on the existing network as safety communication protocols are supported. Safety control can be introduced while reducing the initial cost.

  • - CC-Link IE TSN Safety Function
  • - PROFISafe
  • - CIP Safety
  • - FSoE (Safety over EtherCAT)

Wide range of application

Enabling installation in various environments

IP67 models (400 V class: 0.75K to 3.7K)
Installation outside of the enclosure enables installation closer to machines (FR-E846). Since the inverter is compatible with hostile environments such as high humidity and dusty environments, users can easily install the inverter near the machine or in available spaces. It is possible to reduce line noise by shortening the wiring length between the inverter and the motor.

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