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ซีรีส์ FR-E700
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Inverter - FREQROL

Achieving the top level of driving performance in compact body, the inverter became more powerful.

Advanced magnetic flux vector control enables accurate start-ups of general-purpose industrial machines.


Compact body with high performance function

Installation size is the same as the conventional mode (FR-E500 series) in consideration of intercompatibility. (7.5K or less)

Side by side installation saves space

Space can be saved by side by side no clearance installation*1.

·            *1 : Use the inverter at the surrounding air temperature of 40°C or less.

High torque 200%/0.5Hz is realized by Advanced magnetic flux vector control (3.7K or less)

By the advancement of General-purpose magnetic flux vector control to Advanced magnetic flux vector control, top level of driving performance became possible.
Since V/F control and General-purpose magnetic flux vector control operations are available, operation after replacement of the conventional model (FR-E500 series) is ensured.

For the 5.5K to 15K, 150%/0.5Hz torque is realized.

Speed/torque characteristics example

Advanced auto tuning

Many kinds of three phase induction motors can be optimally controlled with Mitsubishi's original "non-rotation" auto tuning function. 
High precision tuning is enabled even when a test operation of a machine cannot be performed at parameter adjustment.

Advanced magnetic flux vector control is ideal for a lift in an automated-storage system which requires high torque at low speed.

Short time overload capacity is increased (200% 3s)

Short time overload capacity is increased to 200% 3s (200% 0.5s for the conventional model).
Overcurrent trip is less likely to occur.

When a bogie runs over a bump, the impact can be beared by this function.

Torque limit/current limit function

Improved torque limit/current limit function provides a machine protection, load limit, and stop-on-contact operation.

Using the torque limit function, machine breakage from overload can be avoided. 
For example, edge chipping of a tool can be avoided.


Improved regeneration capability

A brake transistor is built-in to the 0.4K to 15K. 
Connecting an optional brake resistor increases regeneration capability.


Safety stop function (FR-E700-SC)

 · Spring clamp terminals are adopted as control circuit terminals. Spring clamp terminals are highly reliable and can be easily wired.

 · The FR-E700-SC series is compliant to the EU Machinery Directive without the addition of previously required external devices. Operation of an external Emergency Stop device results in a highly reliable immediate shutoff of the D700's output to the motor.
This safety stop function conforms to the following standards.

·            *1 : Approved safety relay unit