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Energy Saving Supporting Devices

EcoAdviser - Energy Saving Support Application

Application software that realizes integrated energy management

Collecting data from multiple EcoServerII at the factory, we support energy saving activities such as graph display, basic unit graph display, and form preparation work.


Analysis of collected energy saving data is possible

It is compatible with Edgecross historical data I/F (csv file), and various analyzes can be performed by importing energy information such as electric energy and production information accumulated in a sequencer (PLC).

Customizable Dashboard

Collected data can be displayed in graphs/charts on customizable Dashboard. Also, if a web server is set on your PC, EcoAdviser can be used as a visualization tool at the site

User-friendly setting and scalability

No programming or complicated engineering work is required. All you need is just simple setting. EcoAdviser collects measured data automatically. It can be also used as an application that runs on Edgecross*.

System Configuration

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