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Application Package

Application Package

Devices, application programs, and useful startup tools required for automation system configuration and startup are all included in this package.

Features of Application package

System design

·         Since essential components are included in a package, burden for system consideration can be reduced.

Device connection/setting

·         Anyone can connect various devices using ready-to-operate robots, easy wiring, and piping.


·         Systems can be easily configured using dedicated application programs and startup tools.

Product Lineup

Conveyor Tracking Application

Vision cameras detect workpieces on conveyors.
Workpieces are transported and aligned by robots without stopping conveyors.

More Detail

Processing Machine Loading Application

This application facilitates the configuration of a loading/unloading system for processing machines in which a Mitsubishi CNC numerical control devices has been installed.

More Detail

Force-sense Applications

Techniques and know-how are added to MELFA robots to achieve the automation of force-sense operations such as assembly, insertion, and inspection.

More Detail

Deburring/Polishing Application

Easily creates a machining path of deburring/polishing and performs machining!
On-site operators can automate their teaching process with rough teaching using a master workpiece and tools.

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